Attract Foreign Companies

Kyoto Overseas Business Center strives to attract foreign companies to Kyoto and provides support for their advancement.

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What kind of image do you have of Kyoto?
Many people may answer that Kyoto was an ancient capital of Japan, and is now an international tourist city with a large number of temples and shrines, including world heritage sites.

Three Strengths

Kyoto has three strengths: “Tradition”, “Wisdom”, and “Innovation”.
Kyoto is far ahead of other cities in each of these strengths, and also continues creating new value that is welcomed around the world, through structural interrelationships in this unique city.

This triangle of strengths provides the source for creative research and development and for developing unique human resources.

  • Tradition

    Kyoto was the center of politics and culture in Japan for more than 1000 years, and still remains the cultural center of Japanese, and a major treasure-trove of Japanese traditional industries. The skills and spirit of Japanese craftsmanship have continued to be passed down to this day.


  • Wisdom

    Twenty-eight Japanese have been awarded Nobel Prizes (as of fiscal year 2019), including fifteen researchers related to Kyoto. Not only Kyoto University but 48 other universities are located in Kyoto, and the whole of the city is like a campus where Japanese wisdom is accumulated.


  • Innovation

    While Kyoto is a city with tradition, it has also introduced new things ahead of other cities, and imaginatively upgraded its innovations. Several global firms have started in Kyoto, and made worldwide achievements by upgrading traditional techniques into high-tech industries.