If you are a talented entrepreneur looking to grow a high impact startup in KYOTO, this is your chance to get a Startup Visa in Kyoto.
We’ll guide you through the systems here.

To Kyoto, The Capital of Startup

Kyoto has a strong image as a tourist city, but actually it is one of Japan’s leading manufacturing cities, with the long history of traditional industries that have been inherited over the years, there are located many leading industries and Global Niche Top companies. Starting with Kyoto University, which has many Nobel Prize winner professors. There are the most advanced academic research institutes such as AI, IoT, and life sciences concentrated in Kyoto, it has an environment which constantly produces innovative companies. The global accelerator PLUG AND PLAY established a base in Kyoto, and the construction of a high-level ecosystem is progressing. Of course, we provide a living environment wrapped in the essence of Japanese culture.

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Startup Capital Kyoto

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How to apply forStartup Visa in Kyoto

Under this system, foreign nationals who wish to start a business in Kyoto Prefecture can stay in Japan for the purpose of preparing to start a business.
In order to obtain a status of residence under this system, the following two steps are required: obtaining a certificate issued by the Kyoto Prefectural Government on the confirmation of the business plan, etc., to be carried out in Kyoto Prefecture, and applying for the status of residence with this certificate to the regional immigration bureau.

First of all, please send an email from the following “CONTACT US” button to apply. Please write your name, address, nationality, current profession, and outline of the new business you plan to do in Kyoto (up to about 200 words) in the main body. The title of the email should be “Pre-consultation”.
At that time, if you also submit the business plan presentation, you will be able to respond smoothly to the consultation, so please prepare as much as possible.


Launch your startup

Kyoto Prefectural Government, Kyoto City, JETRO Kyoto, and other organizations will collaborate with the “Kyoto Overseas Business Center” to provide not only support for the startup visa system, but also (1) expert advice on the market for each field, such as manufacturing, life innovation, social business, etc., and (2) Support at the time of incorporation by administrative scriveners, judicial scriveners, etc., and (3) Free provision of co-working space and subsidized rent.
From August 2021, the following two start-up visa programs have been launched. The conditions and methods for each differ, so please use the system that is most appropriate for you.

Startup Visa in Kyoto supporting program

Growth with
Special Advisors

  • Hiroyuki-Suzuki

    Hiroyuki Suzuki

    Executive Vice President, Representative Director, Advanced Telecommunications International (ATR) and President CEO, XBorder Innovations,Inc.(XBI)

    Based in Keihanna Science City, he is working to build a global innovation ecosystem through activities such as acceleration (KGAP+) and business creation support (KOSAINN/KOSAINN+) based on an extensive and solid global collaboration network. He established XBI in 2021, and has started additional start-up support activities such as investment and overseas expansion support.

  • Joji-Takamoto

    Joji Takamoto

    Director, Kyoto, Plug and Play Japan

    Joji joined Plug and Play to launch Kyoto office and currently leads the Health and New Materials accelerator programs. Prior to Plug and Play he has been responsible for startup investments and new business development for a high tech B2B solution provider. Joji obtained MBA from Columbia Business School and BA from Waseda University.

  • Marc-Einstein

    Marc Einstein

    Chief Analyst, Telecommunications & Digital Services, ITR Corporation.

    Marc Einstein is the Chief Analyst at ITR Corporation specializing in technologies such as 5G, IoT, AI & Digital Services. He has more than 20 years of experience as an ICT analyst and frequently helps some of the largest companies in Japan formulate their technology strategy & investment decisions. Marc splits his time between the Kanto and Kansai regions.

  • Narimasa-Makino

    Narimasa Makino

    Monozukuri Ventures CEO

    He is the CEO of Monozukuri Ventures(MZV), a Venture Capital for hardware startups. MZV supports prototyping, mass production, and business development for hardware startups to connect with several Japanese companies. Also, he contributes to building the startup ecosystem in Kyoto through entrepreneurship education.

  • Sushi-Suzuki

    Sushi Suzuki

    Associate Professor, Kyoto Institute of Technology

    Sushi Suzuki is the founder of Kyoto Startup Summer School and an associate professor at the Kyoto Institute of Technology. His background is in design thinking and innovative product development and he runs the ME310/SUGAR global innovation program. Sushi is and active startup pitch coach and have helped over 100 startups around the world improve their presentation, on-stage presence, and delivery.

  • Yukiko-Hashitera

    Yukiko Hashitera

    CEO and Founder, Phoenixi Co., Ltd.

    MBA and Master of Public Health. Upon graduation from college of pharmacy, Yukiko Hashitera entered the pharmaceutical industry and she engaged in the development of glaucoma and chronic idiopathic constipation medicine as a researcher. In 2008 she succeeded in the listing of R-Tech Ueno, Ltd. in Heracles Market (now JASDAQ) as CEO. She founded Phoenixi Co., Ltd., which supports motivated young talents from different industries to establish audacious innovative startups.

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